David Stickels

David Stickels

Clinical Psychologist, (MAPS), (MASH), BSc, Dip Inf Pro, TTTC

David brings to DS Psychology Group a wealth of experience and knowledge which he has gained over many years of clinical practice in both private practice and in public hospital settings.

David has consulted in private practice since 1980 when he commenced a sole trader practice in Knoxfield. Throughout most of the 1980’s he also worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the Adolescent Outpatient Team of the Department of Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry at the Austin Hospital.

In 1989 David established DSA Psychologists, which ran as an independent psychology practice in the City and eastern suburbs of Melbourne for 29 years. The practice extended over 5 centres before settling and concentrating its facility in Ringwood over a 15-year period. DSA Psychologists closed at the end of 2017 allowing David to join DS Psychology Group, a larger practice which is also in Ringwood.

David has broad and diverse areas of expertise as a clinical psychologist. He has successfully worked with clients using psychological treatments for anxiety, phobia, depression and anger, counselling for marital and sexual problems, as well as for grief and loss, and therapy for children, adolescents and families.

He also has considerable experience in stress management and critical incident debriefing including post-traumatic stress. His preferred treatment modality is CBT based and usually aimed at short-term problem-solving oriented therapy.

David is a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis and he uses hypnosis particularly in the treatment of habit disorders including cigarette smoking, weight control and alcohol and drug abuse. Additional expertise has been developed in using hypnosis in sports and work performance, study problems, public speaking, self-esteem and gambling difficulties.

David is also experienced in using a range of cognitive and personality tests to assist clients gain a somewhat objective perspective on their current functioning. He predominantly provides cognitive (IQ)) assessments of children and adolescents who are experiencing learning problems to assist in diagnosing their difficulties, as well as some personality and career assessments for older adolescents and adults experiencing vocational dilemmas.

David is warm, engaging and supportive, with many years of assisting clients with multiple problems reconnect with life and find happiness and direction. He looks forward to continuing his passion and commitment for helping people in his new position at DS Psychology Group.


David is full-time at DS Psychology Group and is available from Monday to Friday.