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Consulting Team


The group of consultants at DSA have been specifically recruited to provide you, our client, with a highly skilled and versatile range of professional practitioners. All consultants at DSA are registered with the new national Psychology Registration Board and are members of the Australian Psychological Society. They are well experienced in their particular fields of interests and have proven track records in successfully assisting clients.

DSA Psychologists consultants consist of both General Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists. As explained under the Fees and Rebates section the two categories of psychologists charge 2 different fees and attract different Medicare rebates. For Medicare purposes our Consulting Psychologists are General Psychologists.

Please take the time to learn about each of the consultants on our team. If you require further information about our consultants, or wish to know who is best suited to assist your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact DSA Psychologists where your request will be treated compassionately and in confidence.


David Stickels

Director and Senior Clinical Psychologist 

Clinical Psychologists

Dr Sharon Gilroy

Consulting Psychologists

Benita Green

Manuela Barichello

By clicking on the Consultant's photo, you can read about each Consultant's unique skills, background and qualifications.